FALL Reminders

We must make some changes, when the weather changes.

It looks as if the cool weather, for the most part, is here to stay. Just a quick reminder to make sure you are monitoring your skimmer baskets.

It's often not very practical for some to empty their baskets daily, but it is absolutely best practice if you have a heavy debris pool. The main thing we're trying to avoid is choking off water flow to the filtration system. If this happens, not only will the filter be rendered useless, there's also the potential for your motor to burn up and/or cause plumbing damage.

Another issue we have this time of year is clogged pump impellers. When this happens we have to dismantle the pump to work on the clog, and we often find damage to the motor's shaft. Ultimately, some leaves and debris will make it's way to the pump basket, but if you have a heavy duty strainer basket that comes all the way up the the rim of the pot, it will keep the debris away from the impeller. We began replacing inadequate pump strainer baskets last year and will continue to do so this winter. We will let you know if your basket needs an upgrade.

Lastly, we have a chlorine tablet shortage in our region. Our distributors do not have any to sell at the moment. I can tell you that they began rationing tabs when the pandemic hit, and have become almost impossible to find after the chlorine plant fire in Lake Charles. You need not be worried because it's actually perfect timing. We only use tablets when absolutely necessary during winter. Chlorine tabs contain cyanuric acid. During the summer months, we are forced to use a lot of them because the water is so warm, hence the cya levels increase higher than we want. This is the time of year when we can bring down those levels. Maintaining your pool water with shock is all that is needed.